About Me and this Blog

Blog Name: Just a Young Reader

Blogger’s occupation: High school student

Interests (besides reading): Woodworking, computer programming, cycling, and virtually any outdoor activity.

Favorite book: My Experiments with Truth 

Favorite author:Mahatma Gandhi 

Favorite genre: Historical fiction

Favorite literary character: Sherlock Holmes

Favorite book adaptation: The Return of the King

Longest book I’ve read: War and Peace

As the blog name suggests, I am young. A high school student, to be precise. This is my first blog which I created to share my thoughts with other bibliophiles and readers about books. I review virtually all genres, ranging from adventure fiction to romance fiction. The way I share the love of books is through simple, informative reviews in the form of blogs.

I feel like I share the passion for reading with a definite millions of others around the world. There are countless languages which those definite millions of people read from all over the world; not to mention an infinite number of books. The purpose of this blog is to share not only my love for books, but to share those millions of other peoples’ love for books on their behalf. Yes, I may not share it in the particular and exact style which one would expect; yes, I probably won’t do justice to these books as well as one would think; yes, I probably might be “too young” for some of these books. Nevertheless, that is not my purpose. In fact, as long as I am blogging, conveying my and those millions of other peoples’ love for reading, my work is done.

Thank you for reading my blog and visit again! And as always: happy reading!