One-Year Blog Anniversary

Today has been exactly one year since I published my first book review! Considering the novelty of the technology of blogging, and my acquaintance with this technology, this milestone is incredible! 🙂 This past year was filled with numerous events, ranging from my first follower to my first award nomination. However, these are not the sole events that constitute the history of Just a Young Reader.

I started my blog with the mentality that I can share my thoughts on books with fellow readers. Yet, this blog ended up transforming into something more intricate and viable. From one blog post to a community of readers tolling over 300, Just a Young Reader has come a long way. I have spent many a hour composing reviews and aesthetically designing my website to attract readers just like you. And without your support, I wouldn’t have achieved so much.

During the course of one year, my perspective on book reviews has dramatically changed. Initially, my review philosophy was to meticulously describe the plot events of each book, and let the reader decide for himself/herself what he/she thinks. However, I later realized that spoiling the plot will make the reading of the book less enjoyable. Therefore, my philosophy changed to reflect the background of the story, a concise description of the plot, a literary analysis, a recommendation, and notes on the edition. I believed that these chief factors would be compelling enough to persuade readers. And in the long run, I think this philosophy has been effective. In a span of merely two months (i.e. June through August) my WordPress followers nearly septupled from around 18 to 132 (this includes email followers), and my Twitter (which I created in June) followers number around 203.

Below are some quick statistics of my blog

I would like to sincerely thank you all for your continued support and viewership! Without you, this blog wouldn’t have gotten to where it is now. 🙂

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